- Sea and Fishing passion 

The birth of a passion

During my childhood I have always been in contact with the Water. As a child I loved to swim and took part in many swimming competitions. I was also a lifeguard in the summer months. One day, a friend invited me coarse angling and ever since I have been infected with the "fishing" bug, spending my time learning and refining fishing techniques.
At 18, I bought my first boat so I could fish in many different ways. When I was 19, I caught more and more big fishes in English Channel and it made the local news.

Passion and trade

I always try to understand the way fishes live and I always try new fishing techniques. In fishing, as in my life, I like a challenge.
Being president of has taught many things both about the Internet and fishing. Through this voluntary work I have gainned specialized knowledge about the fishing and water sports' markets.
The websites and have been a real springboard to carry out my plans : video documentary making, redaction of articles, writing of books, sponsorship, watersports website making. After managing the Sakura products development, I am today in charge of the Daiwa marketing.
For few year, I run after huge fishes. I also caught twenty fishes or so, notably a seabass, established as France, Europe and World records.


1984-1994- Swimming contests at national level
1992- Fishing beginnings
1998- Conception of my own website about live bait and surfcasting fishing
1999- Coast licence - 6 miles
1999-2003- Life guard from English Channel to Corsica beaches
2002- Deep-sea licence (last french licence)
2003- : merge of my own website and Florian's one about lure fishing
2004- Documentary making : Le Bar aux Leurres du Bord (Seabass lure fishing fron the shore)
2005- Computer science project manager, conception of website
2005-2006- Writer for the first issues of Loup&Bar, magazine about european Seabass
2006- Writer for the most popular french magazine about sea angling : Pêche en Mer (Sea Fishing)
- Development (interior arrangement, deck drawing) and tests of a 6 meters RIB : BWA Six One Open - Fishing Version
- receives 3000 visits a day and becomes®
2007- Video documentary : Traque des Gros Bars (Big Seabass Fishing)
- Sakura Products Manager & Team Manager, a trademark built by SERT S.A.
2009- Catch of a 9,8kg Pollack, France record on 16lb class line
- I wrote the book The lure fishing, edited by "Code Vagnon"
- The Wikipedia encyclopedia publishes a page about me.
2010- Catch of 4 cod France records.
2011- I wrote the book Boat fishing
- Catch of ten fishes or so, notably a seabass, established as France, Europe and World records.
2012- I wrote the book The Seabass fishing
- Marketing & Communication Director at DAIWA
2013- I wrote the book The Livebait fishing
- I wrote the book The Shellfish picking
2014- Catch of a 7,070kg Seabass, Europe record on middle class line
- I wrote the book The "Vagnon" of Sea angling.
2015- Catch of a 8,63kg Seabass, World record on 8lb class line
- I wrote the book 50 easy fishing techniques in the Atlantique, Vagnon
- I wrote the book The shore angling., Vagnon
2016- I wrote the book Fishing rigs & knots
2017- I wrote the book Easy shore angling: 40 species, rigs and knots
- Catch of a 4,825kg Ray, France record
2018- I wrote the book The "Vagnon" of Sea angling., 2nd edition
- I wrote the book The Shellfish picking, 2nd edition.
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